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All Star Investor is one of the Top-Performing ETF & Mutual Fund Letters Available on the Market.

According to the independent Hulbert Financial Digest, All Star Investor has made their "Honor-Roll" for the top-ranked mutual fund publications and the top-performing portfolios. Recently, Hulbert identified All Star Investor as one of the newsletters that best protected investors during the two bear markets of the past decade.

What is editor Ron Rowland's investment strategy? His approach is simple, yet effective. He utilizes a technique employed by many of Wall Street's greatest investors. It's called sector rotation. Ron knows that you can no longer diversify your portfolio across all sectors of the market and then hope your winners outpace your losers. Not if you want to build real wealth. Peter Lynch, the famed manager of the Magellan Fund, boiled down the benefits of sector rotation, "if you are in the right sector at the right time, you can make a lot of money very fast."

Ron shows you how to strategically rotate your ETF & mutual fund investments in and out of the best-performing market sectors, investment styles, and foreign countries. Regardless of how the overall market is doing - up or down - there is always a slice or two of the economy that is performing like gangbusters. And that means big profits for the knowledgeable investor! All Star Investor buys and sells ETFs & mutual funds to capture the lion's share of market moves. Why? This helps reduce the risk of its subscriber's portfolios and delivers better net performance.

Ron's Fidelity Multi-Sector Portfolio is a diversified collection of funds, with conservative investment gaols. Since 1991, the Fidelity Multi-Sector Portfolio gave investors 650% return on their money! Some investors following Ron's advice in their portfolios saw their $135,000 retirement account balloon into more than $1 million!

In addition to Ron’s rankings of the top mutual fund groups and his in-depth analysis of sector trends, Ron has five carefully selected investment models that range from growth to aggressive growth with specific buy and sell recommendations that you can easily follow. With your subscription, you'll receive:

  • Weekly 6-page newsletter delivered online.
  • Special mid-week updates if conditions warrant.
  • Investment models covering ETFs, mutual funds, and stocks.
  • Ron's rankings of the top ETFs and mutual funds across 12 different categories.
  • Ron's analysis of sector and market trends.
  • TWO FREE REPORTS: "ETF Deathwatch" and Ron's report on "ETF Dangers & How to Avoid Them."
  • And as an additional FREE bonus, you will get Ron's comprehensive 26-page guide on how to profit with All Star Investor

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