Educational Program

SYSTRAN Educational Program

Our education program is designed to give students, teachers and researchers deep discounts on our best selling language translation products.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible customers must hold an evidence of belonging to the education domain : valid student card, valid email address at a educational, training or research organization.

How does it work?

After you are approved for the educational discount from our Sales department, you will receive an email with your 50% rebate coupon.

  • Premium Translator 6: The most powerful suite of linguistic and post-editing tools designed for today's professional translator to create multilingual documents and manage translation projects!
  • Business Translator 6: Small and midsize businesses need to create, understand and manage quality translations to stay competitive in today's multilingual marketplace!
  • Office Translator 6: Enhance the power of Office applications with the market-leading language translation software that translates Office files directly from the desktop in real-time!
  • HomeTranslator 6: The world's best-selling language translation software lets everyday users translate and understand any written text, Web pages and Microsoft Word documents in seconds!