Learn to profit in the new era of petro-fascism … what lies ahead for crude oil, gold, silver, stocks, and bonds.

Learn to profit in the new era of petro-fascism … what lies ahead for crude oil, gold, silver, stocks, and bonds.


A few of years ago when oil was trading at $16.00 to $20.00 a barrel, I pointed out the ground floor investment opportunity developing in oil. We openly recommended Enerplus Resources (ERF-NYSE) in our publications. It was trading at $17.00 or less then and was paying a dividend of about 1.25% - MONTHLY. That amounted to 15% a year.

However, new events, perpetuated by the world’s turn toward petro-fascism, have necessitated an important change in investment strategy. We recently took our profit on Enerplus, which amounted to a healthy 136%, not counting all of those wonderful dividends. It was difficult to give up the dividends; but when times change, you must adjust.

Last Halloween, the Canadian government, motivated by greed over reason, moved to confiscate energy trust profits by introducing legislation to tax the trusts. This squarely broke a promise that the conservatives had made to not do so when they were elected barely a year before. Not to be outdone, U.S. Congressman Richard Neal from Massachusetts recently proposed legislation that would revoke the existing special tax treatment on dividends from certain foreign entities such as income trusts. The barbarians are at the gate, and it is time for you to make an important change in your investment strategy. Learn how you can still exploit the rising prices of crude and natural gas while defending your wealth from further confiscatory actions on the part of our government and others. It is explained in a special study that we have just published called “A New Path To Profits During An Era Of Petro-fascism.”

Petro-fascism is already subtly creeping into your lives and your pocketbook more so as the decade passes. As governments, including our own, move to control the globe’s dwindling energy resources, they will find it convenient to limit your freedoms and ability to protect your financial lifestyle. Control of energy and other precious resources is imperative to holding on to power, and the government grab is on in the name of the common good. You need to learn to work within this changing environment now.

Crude oil has just completed a major correction, but our strongest technical tools are issuing significant long-term buy signals. Crude typically puts in its seasonal low early in the year as well. Bottom line, the worst is behind us as far as lower crude and natural gas prices are concerned. It is time to review your holdings and re-align your portfolio for the dawning of a new era.

Opportunity #1 – Let the government have the oil. The best investments are in the fuzz.

Let me tell you what I mean by investing in the fuzz. There is no substitute for crude oil, and political entities are going to directly and indirectly take greater control of crude oil and natural gas. However, the best profit opportunities are often not from putting on the show, but selling the T-shirts. Tennis balls are pretty basic, but the guy making the real money is selling the fuzz that goes on the ball, not the balls themselves. The space program in the 70’s was another example of how the easy money was made by the companies that sold the fasteners that held the rockets together - not the rockets.

The fuzz in energy is transportation, drilling, and service. I will show you my favorite oil companies. There are a few, including a couple of Canadian trusts, that are worth holding for now. I will tell you exactly what is worth holding, what is worth buying, and when to sell.

Nevertheless, in the future, supplementary energy investments promise to avoid capture, and they generate massive profits. As crude oil makes its way back to $80.00 and then on to $100.00, you can reap huge rewards, but being in the right stocks will be vital. It is all in our report, “A New Path To Profits During An Era Of Petro-fascism,” which you will receive free with your subscription. Why not give yourself Professional Timing right now?

Despite the recent price decline, oil and natural gas are on their way to significantly higher levels in 2007. Nothing has changed concerning the fundamentals for crude and natural gas.

Geopolitical instability will continue to get worse in the Middle East as the Bush administration continues to confront our oil-producing enemies with his “stay the course” strategy. The Democrats will let the GOP self-destruct with their confrontational foreign policy, setting the stage for the 2008 elections.

Oil production will continue to decline in major oil fields in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mexico, and the North Sea .

Iran’s nuclear ambitions will eventually be confronted with more severe sanctions, setting the stage for military intervention.

Oil supplies will shrink more than any unlikely drop in global demand during 2007. Asian economies are shifting from being export driven to being driven by internal domestic demand. Any slowdown in American demand will be offset by increasing demand from Asia ’s exploding consumer class.

The U.S. dollar appears to have broken its year long up move, and it is headed significantly lower. Since most oil transactions are in U.S. dollars, the lower the value of the dollar, the higher the price of crude oil.

You will see more oil-producing countries opting for payment in euros this year. Since that means fewer dollars will have to be “purchased,” further pressure will be added to the dollar’s decline. Oil in euros will provide further incentive for the U.S. to use their military power to control global energy supplies and lanes of transportation - all under the guise of the common good, homeland security, and nationalism.

There are many reasons to invest now in oil and gas, but you can no longer invest willy-nilly. There are big changes afoot.

Each subscriber will receive our newest report, “A New Path To Profits During An Era Of Petro-fascism.” This report outlines our outlook for the energy market, and the outlook from here for the Canadian trusts. You will learn what to hold, what to fold, and what you should do now and beyond 2011. It discusses our current buying strategy. It addresses what alternatives you should consider, including non-Canadian, income-generating opportunities.

The most recent addition to our income recommendations is a Norwegian company that provides a decent regular dividend of 7.5% as well as occasional quarterly special dividends. Last quarter, they paid us $2.05 in cash and a spin off of stock worth another 95 cents a share. As their business gets better, you will share their good fortune. This is a wonderful company that is actually protected - not threatened by the new era of petro-fascism.

What about alternative energy? There simply isn't time for solar, hydrogen, windmills, hybrid cars, etc. to come to the rescue of peaking energy reserves and constant increases in global demand. There is no substitute for oil, but there is profit potential in some alternate energy companies.

Nuclear energy is an exception, and the potential at this point is in uranium. Our original uranium play is a little company for which we paid only $4.50. It is selling now for $15.00. It’s still a good buy at the right price, but we are researching several new uranium companies which will be presented in Professional Timing Service over the next few months.

The oil bears are counting on a major recession in China to dampen world demand for crude oil. This just isn't going to happen. The best that we can look forward to is for their economy to cool from white hot to red hot. China has just announced that they will be holding $650 billion of their stash of $1 trillion in currency reserves “at the ready.” They are going to invest the other $350 billion, along with an additional $200 billion to $250 billion a year that they expect to take in.

What will they spend the money on? They will buy technology, both commercial and military. They will spend some on influence. They will spend the lion’s share on raw materials and other commodities. This is a big event. This money will fuel the next leg of the commodity bull market. They must do this. Their middle class is exploding, and the forecast is that they will reach 600 million souls by the end of this decade (compared to a total population in the U.S. of about 290 million). Consequently, their energy appetite will expand exponentially. In September 2006, they imported 24% more oil than they did in September 2005. China ’s energy appetite may be close to insatiable.

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Opportunity #2 - Don't invest in bonds.

What sort of opportunity is that, you say? It is an opportunity to save yourself from losses and find yourself with money invested that is paying sub par returns and is falling in value. If you want liquidity, put it in 3-month T-bills at 5.00%. Compare that with the yield on the 30-year Treasury bond of 4.50%. The risk is not worth the difference in yield. The risk of a long-term commitment is simply not worth it.

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Fixed income investors tell us that this report alone is worth the price of their subscription.

Opportunity #3 - Get the heck out of the stock market.

This may seem like a negative opportunity, but it's no less important than the advice to stay out of bonds.

With the exception of a few select resource-advantaged issues (which we will point out), it is time to take profits in stocks and other financial assets. The stock market's prospects are downright ugly.

Evidence? Consider that after the discount rate has been raised to 6%, 6 of the last 7 bear markets have followed. The average decline was -41% … and they say no one rings a bell.

You can learn more about the stock market's long-term prospects. Subscribe today and you will get our recent study entitled "Cashing In On The Next Stock Market Collapse." This report will orient you to where the stock market is currently in its long cycle, as well as where it is going over the next several years. You will learn about the irreversible causes of the next stock market debacle that are in effect right now, as well as several technical indicators that will signal the beginning of the next decline. Don’t get caught by the bear.

Being in the right sector is 85% of investment success, and we are currently recommending stocks and specific mutual funds that you can hold and profit from, even in a bear market. The updated special report "A New Path To Profits During An Era Of Petro-fascism," which you will receive with your subscription, includes three energy stocks poised to explode on the up side. There is also specific advice on Canadian energy trusts and exactly how you should be approaching this important sector.

The future will be one of higher (much higher) commodity prices, including crude oil, natural gas, uranium, coal, gold and silver. However, the profit potential and cash flow from oil and gas production has not been overlooked by the powers that be. Tyrants learned long ago that petro-wealth can buy a lot of power, and they expectedly confiscate energy production and typically keep the rich proceeds “in order to provide for the common good.” We are seeing free society governments moving to confiscate and control energy affluence as well - always “in the name of the common good.” The difference is that in a free society, we can choose how we use our investment money.

"Glad to renew. Of all my newsletters, yours has been the most accurate. Good job. I always enjoy your comments."

-Dr. R.B. 6/6/06

The 4th investment opportunity is gold...and even better yet, silver.

The correction from the May high in gold at $740 gave us an extraordinary opportunity last summer and fall to accumulate mining shares that were truly undervalued. However, gold and silver investments remain undiscovered by the mainstream investment community.

The most underbelieved asset class today is precious metals, but they are beginning to gain serious investor attention again. The next major move is just beginning. Once the current rally gains momentum, gold and silver will again be popular cocktail conversation - just like in 1979 after prices broke out of a similar “enchanted triangle” formation (as it did this past November).

This March, we received a rare buy signal from our favorite long term gold model “Simplicity.” The last time Simplicity gave a buy signal was in May 2005 when gold was $440. The average annualized gain after Simplicity buy signals is 89.6%. And they say no one rings a bell. The time is ripe for precious metals.

As is detailed in our new gold study, “Timing Gold With Simplicity” which you will receive with your subscription, You will learn how to keep this easy indicator in less than a minute a day.

We have several junior gold stocks on our buy-and-hold list. Their appreciation potential rivals our recommendation to buy Yamana (AUY-AMEX) when it was only $2.90 in April 2005. Yes, Yamana at $15.00 is still a buy, but only at our specified buy price. Paying the right price is important in order to manage risk.

Fundamentally, gold and silver couldn’t be more bullish. The U.S. dollar is weak; and as the dollar falls, gold will rise. That is cast in stone.

China (as I mentioned) is on a buying spree. To come up to speed with the rest of the central banking world, it is estimated they will need to purchase 2,000 to 3,000 tons of gold. The price of gold is dependent on several factors discussed in our classic booklet "The Great Asset Shift To Tangibles,” which all subscribers receive.

Although the mainstream has not warmed up to the metals yet, they are in the early stages of the third great gold bull market of the last 100 years. The first was from 1929 to 1932 where we saw the price of the average mining stock increase 650%. In the second, from 1969 to 1980, the typical mining stock appreciated by 1,000%.

The third secular bull market in gold is under way (it's far from over), yet the Philadelphia Gold and Silver Index (XAU) has but barely begun to perform. You will likely see the XAU appreciate another 400% by 2008.

We are constantly reviewing which precious metal stocks offer the best reward potential, and we are discussing them in the Professional Timing newsletters.

I tell subscribers exactly what they should pay for each stock I recommend. Paying attention to purchase price is a major factor in managing risk. The junior mining stocks beat buying call options 100 to 1 for both safety and profit potential, and I have just added another to our list that sells for 50 cents. This is not fly-by-night, I assure you. With your subscription to Professional Timing Service, you will learn how to exploit the new paradigm of commodity-related investments.

Subscribe now and you will receive my highly acclaimed report "Timing Gold With Simplicity.” Learn why crude oil selling at $60 a barrel virtually guarantees $960/oz. gold.

This report also discusses the phenomenon of the “enchanted triangle,” a technical formation that was completed only this past November and that forecasts a dynamic doubling of the price of gold. The report discusses four of my favorite mining stocks, as well as seasonal times when gold and silver tend to top and bottom.

Most important, you will learn to use and keep “Simplicity,” a powerful indicator that will tell you when to buy and when to sell precious mining stocks. This simple, but effective, indicator last issued a buy for gold stocks in March 2007. We will alert subscribers when it issues its next sell; but in 30 seconds a day, you can keep this simple and powerful model on your own.

This booklet also includes another model that you can follow as infrequently as monthly and only requires ten seconds on your calculator. With this simple technique, you will learn how to determine whether you should stay in commodity or commodity-driven assets, or if it is time to sell out. These simple techniques will put you one step closer to being your own adviser.

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We are not on the ground floor any longer, but the recent corrections in crude oil, natural gas, coal, silver, and gold have served up a rare, second-floor opportunity to establish sound investment positions in anticipation of the next bull leg in metals and energy.

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