Quadruple the Profits of
the S&P 500!

In the late 1960s movie The Graduate, Benjamin is told that plastics is a sure bet. Peter Way knows better: These days it's all about gold and oil.

Way's Block Traders Oil & Gold Monitor builds on the enormous success of his first weekly newsletter, Block Traders' ETF Monitor. In Oil & Gold, Way focuses on stocks with "assets in the ground."

These commodities are widely recognized as ideal hedges against capital markets that are in flux. The Dow Jones Precious Metals Index is up more than 50% since the Spring of 2003 and the Dow Jones Energy Index is up more than 45% over the same period.

Peter has delivered his insightful analysis for more than 25 years to institutions and has a live record of how well the specific market intelligence works, stock by stock.

He has selected the 50 or so precious metals and energy stock that the professional block traders know like the back of their hands. Then each week he pinpoints the handful of stocks with a more than 70% chance of being profitable over the next 3 to 6 months.

Over the past year, his average rate of gain on oil and gold trades is 61.4% -- more than QUADRUPLE the gain you would have gotten by trading the S&P 500 at the same time.

Just look at some of the profits his select oil and gold picks produced:

  • 36% gain in 10 days in NS Group (NSS) for a 262,996% annual rate due to acquisition (8/25/06 letter)
  • A 19% gain in 10 days in HOLLY (HOC) giving a 8,188% annual rate (6/16/06 letter)
  • A 43% profit in 21 days from Interoil Corp. (IOC) producing a 7,361% rate (3/16/07 letter)
  • An 18% gain from Southwest Energy (SWN) in 11 days for a 4,269% annual rate (3/31/06 letter)
  • 16% of profit in 10 days from Carrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO) making a 4,022% annual rate (1/13/06 letter)
  • A 19% gain from Foundations Coal (FCL) in 13 days, providing a 2,782% rate of profit (3/17/06 letter)

Peter won’t tell you stories about why the prices should go up or down, or why you should love or hate any stock. He's not a stock salesman; he's a trading analyst. What he will tell you is when the big institutions are betting so much of their own money on stocks that they know particularly well -- a signal that there is virtually no downside risk. And he’ll watch how those conditions are constantly changing, offering new opportunities or potential problems.

Experienced stock investors know that there is far more profit potential from being a shorter-term, opportunistic investor than from being a less-demanding long-term holder. The Block Trader Monitor approach helps you gain insights from the best informed and highly motivated players in the game.

Each bi-monthly issue comes with comparative value tables and easy-to-follow graphs of the 50 stocks that tell you how likely it is that you will make a profitable trade, a featured stock of the week, a model portfolio with its own scorecard, and examples of what each of the stocks’ buys have done most recently. And there is a page of industry forecasts for both gold and oil indexes.

With your subscription to Block Traders Oil & Gold Monitor you’ll receive:

  • Bi-monthly 9-page newsletter delivered online
  • The ranked Odds for profitable trades in each stock
  • The ranked past average Payoffs from each stock from current forecasts
  • A bi-monthly in-depth analysis of one stock’s Odds and Payoff potentials
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  Meet our Forbes Guru: Peter Way

Peter F. Way is founder and chief investment officer of Peter Way Associates, a publisher of unconventional information and an equity investment manager for pension funds and other institutions.

Through one-of-a-kind proprietary software developed by Mr. Way, the Company is the only one in the world that tracks the block trading community’s price-range forecasts for over 2,000 stocks, market indexes, ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds).

Mr. Way founded the Company in 1974 after serving 11 years at Citibank in New York City. At Citibank, he began as a research manager in the Trust Investment Division and was later promoted to vice president. His creation of a computer-based company earnings forecast model, and introduction of the first time-shared computer terminal in 1965 led to its widespread use in the bank. Prior to his accomplishments at Citibank, Mr. Way trained as a security analyst with the investment counsel firm of Lionel D. Edie in New York City for six years.

Mr. Way is a chartered financial analyst (CFA), a member of the New York Society of Security Analysts and past president of the New York Society of Junior Security Analysts. He also is an active member of the Financial Analysts Society of San Diego, Calif., serving as its president from 1993-1994.

A native of Ohio, Mr. Way received his B.S. degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and his MBA degree from Harvard’s School of Business. He has served on the editorial boards of the Financial Analyst Journal and the CFA Digest. He also has written numerous articles for various publications including Forbes and has been a frequent lecturer on the stock market.

As a past resident of Boston, Mass. and New York City, and a current resident of San Diego, Calif., Mr. Way is active in his community from coast to coast. He is a member of the San Diego Opera Investment Advisory Board and a member of the Harvard Clubs of Boston and New York City. Mr. Way and his wife, Arlene – who serves as president of the Company – have three sons, each involved with the Company, along with a grandson as a third generation in the business.






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