Supreme Ruler 2010
Supreme Ruler 2010 - Boxed Shipment

Supreme Ruler 2010 - Boxed Shipment


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  • Revolutionary campaign system, featuring over 40 game scenarios and over 200 possible starting regions from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Sophisticated Military Strategy and Tactical Command System where you can control battalions directly or give them autonomy by handing control to your military leaders (AI).
  • Resource Realism - Not a "Chop Trees / Mine Gold" simplicity but instead the ability to control the manufacturing, consumption, and export of 11 key commodities.
  • Hundreds of detailed and accurate Military Units to control - from Battalion to Division (Reviewed by active US Military Personnel and Consultants to Foreign Militaries).
  • Economic and Political Model - An incredibly detailed yet easy to manage model with AI Cabinet Ministers that have selectable personalities.
  • "Real Time" or "Turn Based" modes for different play styles.
  • Flexible Diplomatic Interface that leaves everything on the table during negotiations.
  • Powerful system of "Advisors" to avoid unwanted micro-managing.
  • Comprehensive and realistic Technology Tree.
  • All maps use actual licensed "Real World" satellite imagery courtesy of NASA.
  • Map and Scenario Editor - Supports Real or User Created Backgrounds adding to the incredible replayability.
  • Multiplayer support for up to 16 players over LAN or Internet.
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