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Post-it® Digital Notes

Post-it® Digital Notes

1 Point



Post-it® Digital Notes Value Program Points
Point Levels Price
1-4 $9.99
5-9 $7.99
10-14 $5.99
15-24 $3.99
25- $1.99

Post-it®Digital Notes
The Quick and Easy Way to Organize
and Communicate Your Ideas!

You'll find this software as easy to use as paper Post-it® Notes!

Go Mobile: Free yourself from your keyboard with Post-it®Digital Notes.

You can create, find or file notes without ever leaving the program you'rerunning. Notes are saved automatically, so you'll never lose an important thought.And with so many additional features for effectively managing your day, you'llwonder how you ever lived without them! As a reminder, Post-it® Digital Notesoffers the following features:

  • Create your own notes with pictures and hyperlinks
  • Stick notes on your computer desktop as a visual reminder
  • Add alarms to your notes so you don't forget important notes
  • Manage all of your alarms using the alarm list so you always know what thingsyou need to do by when
  • Organize notesin Memoboards so you can keep related notes together and reduce desktop clutter
  • Change the color of your notes for added emphasis
  • Search for notes using keywords so you can quickly and easily find the notesyou need
  • Print notes as a list or as notes so you can take them with you
  • Use templates to create commonly used notes. Notes are personalized withsayings, information or pictures already on them
  • Automatically insert date and time on notes so you know when you capturedyour thought
  • Subscribe to receive information on a Post-it® Digital Note from websites that provide this service

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