ScanThis 1.0

ScanThis 1.0



Scanning to your iPad

Have a scanner? Ever wanted to scan directly to your iPad without all the complex steps? Now you can! Simply install both ScanThis and ReadThis so you can scan documents or photos directly to your iPad.

Bring along your files everywhere you go. Simply drag and drop files from your computer directly into your iPad. ScanThis “automagically” transfers files easily without iTunes. Send pictures, documents, PDF* and any supported file types to your iPad via WiFi network.

• Drag-&-drop files directly to ScanThis, or to the folder, for automatic delivery.

• Single or batch file transfer your favorite documents, photos, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF.

• Offline sending files and automatically retrieve when iPad is reconnected.

• Automatically detect iPad when they are ready to receive files.

• Send email, print documents or save pictures to photo album.