Microsoft® – Student Store

The offer is subject to the following terms and conditions and all participants acknowledge and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Full and part time enrolled students and teaching staff of accredited tertiary institutions (including Universities) are entitled to make a purchase from the offer website. Alumni of these institutions are ineligible.

Offer Duration:
This offer shall continue until terminated by Microsoft. Microsoft reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time.

Offer Eligibility:
The offer is only available to eligible tertiary students, teaching staff and faculty who possess a valid email address at an educational institution geographically located in New Zealand. The offer is non-transferable.

The following conditions serve to define eligibility for the offer:
For students,
- Individual student must be enrolled and have a valid email address at one of the eligible New Zealand tertiary educational institutes listed here
- Individual students course must have at least 15 hours scheduled course time per week, and must be minimum 12 weeks duration;

For teaching staff,
- Individual teaching staff member must be employed and have a valid email address at one of the eligible New Zealand tertiary educational institutes listed here.

Students, teaching staff & faculty attending a tertiary institute are not always issued with an institution email address; therefore you will need to verify your status through an online verification process in order to make a purchase. Please note that the verification process can take up to 1 week to get a response.

Microsoft or an appointed vendor may contact you to verify that you are a current eligible student, teaching staff or faculty. If appropriate documentation is not provided to Microsoft's satisfaction indicating that you are a current student, teaching staff or faculty, you will be liable to reimburse Microsoft for the balance of the full retail cost of the software.

Program Description:
Eligible students are allowed to purchase up to one license from each of the numbered sections below:

1. Microsoft® Office University 2010: Perpetual license, which includes the following applications:
  • Access® 2010
  • Excel® 2010
  • OneNote® 2010
  • Outlook® 2010
  • PowerPoint® 2010
  • Publisher 2010
  • Word 2010
2. Microsoft Office Language Pack 2010: Perpetual license for a single language pack, which includes the following application: 3. Microsoft® Office for Mac University 2011: Perpetual license, which includes the following applications:
  • Microsoft® Excel® for Mac 2011
  • Microsoft® Outlook® for Mac 2011
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® for Mac 2011
  • Microsoft® Word 2011

The following license grant strictly applies to Office for Mac University 2011. Notwithstanding what the license terms say when you first install the software, you may install another copy of the software on a portable device for your use.
Purchase Limitations:
Eligible students may purchase up to two licenses, but no more than one license from each of the numbered sections above per valid e-mail address or billing address.

Obtaining Software:
Eligible students can obtain the software by downloading or ordering a disk from the official Offer web site. The cost for ordering disk(s) is RRP NZD$25.00*. Microsoft Office Language Pack Offer is not available on disk.

Obtaining Product Keys:
Product keys will be provided on the purchase confirmation page and sent to the user's eligible educational institution email address entered into The Offer web site during the purchase process. Product keys will be available for 1 install for a desktop or a mobile PC device.

The promoter of The Ultimate Steal is Microsoft New Zealand Ltd, Level 5, 22 Viaduct Harbour Avenue, Auckland, New Zealand.

#RRP Recommended Retail Price. The price you pay is determined by the reseller and published at the reseller's site.