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Upside has proved to be incredibly profitable for its loyal readers. Upside has been the #1 or #2 newsletter focused exclusively on U.S. stocks since Hulbert Financial Digest started tracking its performance in July, 2003. What's more, Upside’s Best Buy List is up over 388.7% since inception in 1999 through December 2007, while the comparable Russell 2000 Index gained only 69.5%.

It's a FACT: Subscribers Make Money with Upside

Richard Moroney, CFA, the editor of Upside, says he is proud of the outstanding performance of Upside’s portfolios, but what matters more to him is the results of a recent subscriber survey in which 91% of respondents said they were making money on the recommendations in Upside. “What I do, the stocks I pick,” Richard says, “is making a real difference in the lives of thousands of people.”

Every month Richard combs through the more than 5,000 stocks covered by Quadrix, the high-powered computerized stock-screening tool he created to uncover bona fide bargains in small and midcap stocks. Quadrix digs out the top up-and-coming stocks based on more than 100 variables in six categories, including momentum, quality and value, to name a few.

Since the vast majority of stocks are “small,” it stands to reason that most of today’s best buys are not household names. Thanks to Quadrix and the in-depth analysis you get from Upside, you can slash the risk you take while maximizing the returns that “unloved” small and midcap stocks often deliver.

In fact, we don’t know of any other research tool on or off Wall Street that puts small-company stocks under such rigorous scrutiny and in-depth analysis. Even better, because these stocks are often unloved and underfollowed — yet offer huge potential for rapid growth — your money can triple, quadruple or more in a matter of months.

Based on the Quadrix results, Richard and the Upside research team whittle the candidates down to the top 25-35 stocks that make it onto the Upside Buy List. The Best Buy List takes the top 12 to 20 stocks on the Buy List. You can think of these as the best of the best. This is the portfolio that has produced the incredible 399.3% gain since 1999.

Isn’t it time you got in on this good thing? Whether you’re looking to play catch-up with your portfolio, jump-start your retirement or kids’ college savings, or buy a second home, you won’t find an easier, safer way to rack up the big gains you need to make your dreams come true.

What Current Subscribers Say about Upside

“Thank you for your newsletter – probably the best investment listing that I’ve seen in 45+ years of investing.”

– Henry Leis, Narberth, PA

“I have tried many newsletters, but none have come close to providing the numbers and quality of Upside’s recommendations that I have bought (and profited from!). I also especially appreciate being able to call and get right through to one of your analysts (often the “big guy” himself), and get a straight answer about a stock.”

– Ernest Zimmermann, Ann Arbor, MI

“[Upside is the] only newsletter that consistently makes money for me.”

– Greg Schank, Alexandria, AL

“Just for the record, I give you my word that the testimonials included here are true and accurate statements by actual subscribers who freely gave their honest opinion of Upside. Their comments and names are printed with their permission.”

– Richard Moroney, CFA, editor of Upside

  Meet our Forbes Guru: Richard Maroney

Richard Moroney is the Editor of Upside and Dow Theory Forecasts. Mr. Moroney, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), holds an undergraduate degree in journalism and economics from Northwestern University (1989) and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Fittingly called “An Intellectual Heir to Charles Dow” by the press, his peers and those he has helped, Mr. Moroney is sought out for his accurate forecasts on the market and specific stocks by major news organizations and business groups.

He has appeared on CNN and CNBC, Sky Radio and is often quoted in such major publications as Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, SmartMoney, BusinessWeek, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and the Chicago Sun Times.

Dow Theory Forecasts has offered time-tested stock market advice for over 57 years. One of the few newsletters that has been in the top five Hulbert Financial Digest performance ratings for over 20 years. Using the proprietary Quadrix Stock-Rating System to screen nearly 4,200 stocks, the Focus List offers low-risk stock picks in up and down markets alike. Weekly commentary keeps investors abreast of factors affecting the stock market and clearly advises when to buy, hold or sell.



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