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Real Estate: The New Trophy Stocks

Are there still profits to be made in the burgeoning Real Estate Market?

You may have read a lot about the housing bust and the reversal of fortunes among homebuilders and others who benefitted mightily from the residential real estate boom of the past five years. But most of the action in real estate takes place far from the residential side of the sector. It's happening in commercial real estate!


The Global Bull Market In Real Estate
Has Just Begun

There is no better way to profit from HIGH YIELDING real estate securities than by following the seasoned advice of Forbes' partner, Peter Slatin, long time real estate expert and editor of the Forbes/Slatin Real Estate Report.

Peter has followed the property sector as a leading magazine editor and newspaper columnist. His newsletter, The Forbes/Slatin Real Estate Report, is read at the highest levels of the real estate industry. Slatin knows the real estate markets and the key players from the inside out, from office buildings to retailers to luxury hospitality developers, REITS and homebuilders.

Now he brings his 15 years of observing the slippery, surprising ups and downs of this cash-flow-intense universe to the Forbes premium suite of Investment Newsletters.

The Forbes/Slatin Real Estate Report will guide you down a fascinating road explaining how small and large real estate enterprises build, buy and operate the places in which we live, work, shop, play and do just about everything. It will also let you know where the smartest players in the business are investing their capital.

Here are some of the sectors we will profile each month in the Forbes/Slatin Real Estate Report.

  • Offices and office markets
  • Retail, from strip centers to mega-malls
  • Industrial properties and logistics
  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Lenders and borrowers

We'll look at all slices of the property market, from REITs and REOCs [Real Estate Operating Companies] to home builders, real estate service providers, mortgage companies and even the private-equity and institutional markets, where the lion's share of the fortunes in real estate are made – and lost.

Each month in the Forbes/Slatin Real Estate Report, you will also get:

  • Expert Interviews with Key Real Estate Insiders
  • REIT Market Watch
  • 2 Model Portfolios : One Aggressive and One Conservative
  • Deal Drilldown: Slatin and other experts dissect a recent real estate transaction

With your subscription to the Forbes/Slatin Real Estate Report, you will also get Peter's Special Reports for FREE.

  • 6 Summer Sizzlers and Fizzlers in Real Estate
  • 5 Lodging Stocks to Rest on in 2008
  • 7 Real Estate Plays for the Current Market
  • 8 Defensive REITs for a Shaky Market



  Meet our Forbes Guru: Peter Slatin

Peter Slatin is the founder and editor of The Slatin Report, a Web-based commercial real estate news service launched in 2003. Theslatinreport.com, which has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal as a leading source of industry information for real estate professionals, reaches more than 11,000 readers a week across the U.S.

In November 2005, Mr. Slatin launched the Forbes/Slatin Real Estate Report, in collaboration with Forbes.com. This subscription publication covers U.S. and international real estate securities.

Peter serves as real estate program advisor for Asset Management division of Information Management Network, a global conference producer. He is also Program Director for The Conference Board's Corporate Real Estate Conference.

Mr. Slatin has more than 15 years’ experience covering the commercial real estate industry for a variety of publications, including Barron’s, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Urban Land, Portfolio magazine, and many others. Before creating The Slatin Report Group, Mr. Slatin was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of GRID, a ground-breaking real estate magazine and winner of numerous awards for editorial excellence.

Active in the community, Mr. Slatin is a trustee of the Van Alen Institute, a New York-based nonprofit focusing on the development and design of public spaces, and of Lighthouse International, the nation’s leading provider of rehabilitation services for the visually impaired.





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