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A lot of investment newsletters claim an inside track to profits. But they’re really just momentum followers...which means they’re fully invested even in the highest-risk markets.

What sets InvesTech apart is editor Jim Stack’s unique “safety-first” analysis that has permitted subscribers to profit during the popping of one of the biggest bubbles in Wall Street history! As the DJIA tumbled in 2000-2002 and the Nasdaq lost over 78%, Jim’s model portfolios increased in value!

Jim helped his loyal readers avoid the steepest market plunge of the past 50 years! Few of Jim’s positions have been as unpopular as when he moved his subscribers up to 94% cash in August/September of 1987. He received a 2-inch thick stack of angry letters from doubting readers. Yet within two months, the Dow crashed over 35% and small-cap stocks collapsed 50% and more in the Crash of 1987.

But avoiding high-risk markets is only the first step to safer investing. One also must be able to identify the best profit opportunities. For example… in January 1991, in the midst of recession, Jim published his infamous “Toro! Toro!” issue, announcing the birth of a new bull market just before the Dow exploded upward from 2400.

How has InvesTech been able to compile such a respected, time-tested reputation? The InvesTech Market Analyst is unique in its ability to analyze both the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve, as well as the technical condition of the stock market. There are some good market technicians out there… some quality Fed watchers… and some top-flight fundamental analysts, but only InvesTech pulls it all together to help you sidestep major bear markets and profitably ride the safest bull markets.

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  • Both, the InvesTech Market Analyst and its top-rated companion newsletter, the InvesTech Portfolio Strategy.

  • The InvesTech Interim Bulletin: A snapshot update of Jim's outlook-- published between regular issues.

  • The "InvesTech Personal Profit Guide" as a reference manual to using our proprietary indicators and "safety first" strategy.

  • Access InvesTech's twice-weekly Financial Hotline Update.

  • And FOUR special Bonus Reports:

    • "5 Recession-Proof Buys"
    • Strategy for the Post Bubble Era…A Return to Value Investing
    • 10 Tips to Safer, More Consistent Profits
    • What Every Investor Should Know About Election Cycles"




  Meet our Forbes Guru: Jim Stack

Jim Stack is the editor of the InvesTech Market Analyst, which has earned widespread recognition for its time-proven risk allocation strategy, as well as their innovative analysis of the Federal Reserve. Through an extensive computer and satellite communications system, InvesTech maintains over 90 years of financial and historical market data.

Jim was one of the most vocal bears on Wall Street in the late 1990s, warning of a valuation and high-tech bubble that would end in disaster for the small investor. But that is not the first time Jim has earned national attention for his insightful market outlook. In 1987, he received widespread recognition as one of only a handful of advisors to warn of imminent danger prior to Black Monday. And in January 1991, he published his famous issue titled “Toro! Toro!,” just ten days before the stock market blastoff at DJIA 2400. He has earned a 20-year reputation for safety-first investing with a portfolio performance described by Forbes as “more or less impervious to declines.”

Jim was formerly a project manager for IBM Research with a number of domestic and international patents to his credit. Jim has a graduate degree in engineering with post-graduate study in business. He maintains direct control over the company's computer research... creating most of the custom analysis software used by InvesTech.

In addition to addressing numerous investment seminars, Jim has been a guest on "Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser," and is regularly invited to appear on the "Nightly Business Report" (on all PBS stations), CNN's "Business Day" and "Moneyline" and CNBC.

His distinctive approach to stock market analysis and unique insight into the Federal Reserve have led to InvesTech's being frequently quoted in BusinessWeek, Barron's, Money Magazine, Worth Magazine, Financial World, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, Forbes, and of course, The Wall Street Journal. Jim was one of only a handful of advisors credited by the national news media as having warned subscribers to exit the market before Black Monday.





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