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From the same investing minds that brought you The Prudent Speculator – the #1* rated newsletter over the past decade by Hulbert Financial Digest – a value approach to investing in technology stocks.

Other technology newsletters out there may look for quick gains based on hype and momentum, but the Prudent Speculator TechValue Report looks for companies they believe have real, honest-to-goodness value. Why value? Based on the historical data found in Ibbotson’s Stocks, Bonds, Bills and Inflation Yearbook 2007, value investing outperforms a more growth-oriented strategy over the long term.

But can a value approach work for high-flying technology stocks? We belive that it can. The Prudent Speculator TechValue Report employs the same tried and true investing strategies that have proved successful in The Prudent Speculator over the past 30 years.

Before we decided to launch this newsletter, we looked back to see how our tech-based Hotline Special picks found in The Prudent Speculator had performed. The results blew us away: Together, our 224 tech stock recommendations have gained 839% since 1998! That’s an annualized rate of 30% through the end of March 2007, compared to annualized returns of just 3.7% for the Nasdaq and 4% for the S&P 500!

We might be biased, but we think these numbers bear us out, and as you would imagine we believe that value-based tech investing works. Instead of buying stocks at prices that we feel are too high and praying they will go up before their bubble bursts, we use our value-based approach to find what we believe are tomorrow’s potential momentum stocks at what we believe are today’s bargain prices.

Need more proof? Here are some recent profitable sales:

ValueClick – up 1022% (bought 07/03/2001, last sold 01/24/2007)

Diodes – up 803% (bought 03/13/2001, last sold 01/26/2006)

Click Commerce – up 620% (bought 07/08/2003, last sold 10/26/2006)

Endwave – up 579% (bought 06/21/2002, last sold 05/02/2005)

Peerless Systems – up 547% (bought 03/27/2001, last sold 11/02/2005)

Trident Microsystems – up 477% (bought 09/30/1998, last sold 06/22/2005)

Cam Commerce Solutions – up 475% (bought 12/13/2000, last sold 01/18/2006)

Apple – up 418% (bought 09/03/2002, last sold 11/29/2006)

Captaris – up 399% (bought 10/29/2002, last sold 02/08/2007)

What’s the secret of our success? First, we generally buy inexpensive stocks based on our analysis-- as measured by price to revenue, earnings and book value metrics -- of companies with healthy balance sheets. We believe that these stocks have far more reason to go up than to fall further because our analysis indicates that they are not yet fully valued by the market – either because the conventional wisdom is wrong, or because Wall Street simply hasn’t found out about them yet.

This means that you have the opportunity to buy the companies that we believe have the potential to become the tech winners of tomorrow before the rest of Wall Street finds them. We invest when our analysis indicates that valuations are low and sell when our analysis indicates that a stock has reached its full value.

We like to say "the proof is in the pudding," and we believe so strongly in our proven investing strategy that, like with The Prudent Speculator , the editors of the Prudent Speculator TechValue Report put their money where their mouths are, investing their own money alongside you in The Prudent Speculator TechValue Report's two model portfolios.

Each monthly issue of Prudent Speculator TechValue Report is comprised of regular and rotating columns, including:

Buckingham TechValue Portfolio: This is for those seeking to create a portfolio entirely based on undervalued technology stocks. This portfolio launched with 25 stocks in the inaugural issue of TechValue Report. Additions will be made to the portfolio upon the sale of existing positions as funds suffice, and will be announced in one of our weekly Hotlines.

Mowrey Portfolio Compiler: This special feature, created for those seeking a single technology-related investment idea and investors who are utilizing a system of dollar-cost averaging. This has proved to be an excellent strategy to counteract market fluctuations. Each month, we will add a stock to the Portfolio.

Sector Refresh: A discussion of developments in one of the nine technology sectors included in our definition of the technology industry.

Executive Query: A new interview with a top C-level executive from the technology industry each month.

Databank: Lets you keep track of how our two model portfolios are doing relative to long and short-term benchmarks. We also chart the performance of our major nine technology sectors and discuss major market developments since the previous newsletter went to press.

With your subscription, you will also get:

Weekly Hotlines each Thursday provide timely analysis of market events, corporate developments and purchase/sale decisions in our portfolios.

An archive of all past issues and hotlines.

A FREE Special Report, "Finding Value in Value in Technology Stocks," detailing our tech value investing strategy and highlighting some of our past picks.

* As of 04/30/07 - Total Return Rankings and Performance results of The Hulbert Financial Digest are calculated since 1980 by proprietary and undisclosed methods of the publication's editor. A newsletter’s Hulbert Financial Digest’s Ranking is based on an average of its several portfolios in the event it recommends more than one (and includes portfolios that the letters have discontinued). Through 04/30/07, The Prudent Speculator is ranked #1 out of 59, 37 and 16 newsletters monitored for the 15, 20, and 25 years. Hulbert currently monitors over 160 investment newsletters. For more information about The Hulbert Financial Digest, go to www.hulbertdigest.com.

Performance data include all gains realized since the original recommendation and may include multiple sales, for which a weighted average is calculated.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Previous successful recommendations may not be indicative of all past recommendations. Certain previous recommendations may not have resulted in profit and in fact have resulted in losses.

  Meet our Forbes Guru: John Buckingham

John Buckingham’s education in value investing came from working closely with his mentor and late partner, Al Frank, the legendary value investment guru. For 12 years, Buckingham has been managing the Al Frank mutual fund (with assets currently over $75 million). He has managed The Prudent Speculator portfolios since 1990. Buckingham is a graduate of the University of Southern California.

The Prudent Speculator is the best performing veteran in this specialty among a crowded field of competitors. After screening over 1,000 stocks, The Prudent Speculator uncovers undervalued securities selling at a 50% discount from their potential fair market value. Once The Prudent Speculator recommends buying shares, expect to hold them for long-term appreciation potential, until they reach true fundamental value, often three to five years.

In each issue of The Prudent Speculator you get market commentary plus a Stock of the Month from editor John Buckingham. You also receive a listing of All Currently Recommended Stocks, commentary on stocks you may hold and Stocks to Watch—stocks that are close to their buy and sell limits. In addition to The Prudent Speculator’s three model portfolios, each month in the Portfolio Builder section you get 10 stocks to buy with new cash. Each recommendation is accompanied by specific advice on when to buy, hold and sell.



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