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Bernie Schaeffer's Option Advisor is designed to offer unparalleled investing insight enabling you to stay ahead of market trends with many +100% WINNERS in recent months!

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Each month Bernie Schaeffer's Option Advisor delivers expert market commentary, specific options recommendations, and educational content, to help you profit in BOTH Bull and Bear Markets. Take control of you own investing destiny rather than watching your pulse rise with the market's ups and downs.

You will recieve in each monthly issue:

10 specific option recommendations to fit any portfolio selected by veteran market timer Bernie Schaeffer. You'll understand the reasoning behind each trade with a full explanation provided through charts and commentary.
"Option Strategies and Concepts" enables you to learn while you earn. Each issue outlines a specific trading technique with extensive discussions correlated with Bernie's in-depth commentary.
Learn while you earn! You can look forward to extensive discussions on a specific trading tactic each month in "Option Strategies and Concepts." Plus, Bernie's commentary provides you with an in-depth look at the events affecting the market today.
An Added BONUS: the Crash Course in Top Gun Trading Techniques will provide you with Bernie's hands-on learning approach to options trading. Top Gun Trading Techniques walks you through the basics of options trading and has helped turn tens of thousands of options trading novices into experts. The information package also explains my unique trading strategy - which can teach even experienced traders some new tricks! This package alone is worth hundreds of dollars and is yours FREE when you join today!

If you trade stocks, you already know how to trade options. But even if you're not a stock trader, you'll find option trading easy. The Option Advisor gives you word-for-word instructions for each potential profit opportunity that you can simply read to your broker. What could be easier than that?

Options allow you to profit with ONLY a fraction of your total investment capital! The key is knowing where best to put your money - that is where the Option Advisor can help!

The Option Advisor offers you more than one way to earn, as you can target 100% profits in the Aggressive options portfolio and 15% - 20% profits on Put Selling recommendations. Bernie also recommends advanced strategic trades, including Straddles and Strangles that aim for 50% profits - when the market is ideal!

Options help you make money no matter which way the market goes! By buying "put options", you can earn generous profits when a stock declines in price, just as you can when you buy "call options" during a bull run... The market goes up, you can make money. The market goes down, you can make money. No wonder so many options traders become wealthy!

Options empower you to diversify for higher profits! Bernie has designed the newsletter as an ongoing educational vehicle, providing you with the most thorough understanding of successful option investing possible.

Investors trust Bernie Schaeffer's 30+ years of experience, knowledge, and top trader status. His Expectational Analysis®, which the Market Technicians Association recognized with a "Best of the Best Award", combines technical, fundamental, and the often overlooked sentiment analysis, to zero in on the "BIG WINNERS". Bernie was also named Winner of the 2002 BusinessWeek Market Forecast. "Timer Digest" has been monitoring Mr. Schaeffer since 1984 and as of the 2006 annual report, ranks him as one of the Top Ten Market Timers for intermediate stock timing, gold timing and bond timing. Most recently, Schaeffer is the proud recipient of the 2004 Trader's Library, Trader's Hall of Fame Award for his numerous contributions to the field of trading.

Now you can have Bernie's sought after expertise through his commentary, analysis, and specific option recommendations sent monthly, directly to you.

  Meet our Forbes Guru: Bernie Schaeffer

Bernie Schaeffer is Chairman and CEO of Schaeffer's Investment Research, Inc. and author of The Option Advisor: Wealth-Building Techniques Using Equity and Index Options. Mr. Schaeffer has edited the Option Advisor newsletter since its inception in 1981, and it has since grown to be the nation's leading options newsletter. He has also contributed chapters on sentiment analysis to two investment books published by Bloomberg Press, New Thinking in Technical Analysis: Trading Models from the Masters, and Investing Under Fire: Winning Strategies from the Masters for Bulls, Bears and the Bewildered.

Mr. Schaeffer is widely recognized as an expert on equity and index options, investor sentiment and market timing. Timer Digest has been monitoring Mr. Schaeffer since 1984 and ranks him as the #1 Gold Timer for the past 3, 5, and 10 years running. Furthermore, among more than 100 of the nation's top market timers, Bernie is rated as the #6 Long-Term Market Timer for the last five years, the #4 Bond Timer, and the #5 Intermediate Market Timer for the last decade.

Bernie Schaeffer is the proud recipient of the 2004 Traders' Library, Trader's Hall of Fame Award for his numerous contributions to the field of trading. In 2003, Aaron Task of selected Bernie as the Market “Guru of the Year.”



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