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According to independent Hulbert Financial Digest, Investment Quality Trends is among the top performing newsletters on a risk-adjusted basis over the last 20 years. Since 1987 its total return has exceeded 13% on average per year and its "Lucky 13" portfolio has returned an average gain of 20% over the past 5 years.

What's Investment Quality Trends editor Kelley Wright's secret? He uses Investment Quality Trends' tried and tested proprietary strategy of selecting high-yielding dividend stocks developed by its legendary founder, Geraldine Weiss. And now more than ever dividend stocks are a great value. Thanks to recent changes in the tax law, investors' tax rate on dividends has been dramatically lowered from a burdensome rate as high as 38.6% to either 5% or 15%, depending on your income. That's lower than your income tax rate! That means potential tax savings for our readers could be as high as 23.6%. Those dividends are juicier and more profitable than ever!

Plus, many of the companies followed by Investment Quality Trends, such as Citigroup and Bank of America, have returned to the dividend as an increasingly efficient way to deliver value back to their investors. In fact, right after the new tax law came into effect, 29 blue-chip companies immediately raised their dividends an average of 12.1%. Just look at these gains (not including dividend income):

  • Eaton-Vance: UP 44%
  • Central Pacific Financial: UP 49%
  • Florida Rock Industries: UP 34%

Here are some other profitable picks:

  • Teleflex Inc.: UP 20% from our 2007 Lucky 13
  • Philip Morris: UP 29% from our 2005 Lucky 13
  • Ruddick Corp.: UP 14% since being featured in First-December 2005 issue
  • Merck and Co.: UP 23% since being featured in First-March 2006 issue

Did you have any low-risk dividend-paying stocks that did this well in your portfolio last year?

Since its founding in 1966, Investment Quality Trends has been providing timely insightful investment information to some of the nation's leading banks, insurance companies, mutual funds and brokerage houses. Investment Quality Trends focuses on the serious investor who is interested in a long-term portfolio return made up not only of increases in capital but also stable dividend income. Using this select stock picking approach Investment Quality Trends has been able to consistently produce outstanding returns while also minimizing risk.

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  Meet our Forbes Guru: Kelley Wright

Kelley Wright is the editor of Investment Quality Trends. He had been entrusted with the 38-year legacy established by Geraldine Weiss that has made Investment Quality Trends the source for enlightened investing in high-quality dividend paying stocks. His interest in stock picking was kindled by his grandfather, a small business owner who had grown up during the Depression era. Because of his experiences, Kelley’s grandfather hammered home two consistent themes: when you buy a stock you buy a business, so you better understand how that business will generate a return on investment; and, if a stock doesn’t pay a dividend it isn’t an investment, it is a speculation.

While heavily influenced by Benjamin Graham, Wright was also drawn to the technical work of Fibonacci, Gann and Elliott. He was also schooled in the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory and portfolio structure by a Nobel Prize nominee in Math and Economics. To complement this analytical knowledge, Mr. Wright also studied the great traders and investors, such as Jesse Livermore, Warren Buffett and George Soros. The result of all this varied experience and knowledge is an equal comfort level discussing Elliott Wave Theory or Dividend Reinvestment Plans.

Since its founding in 1966, Investment Quality Trends has been providing timely information for the world investment community. It focuses on the serious investor who is interested in long-term portfolio return (Capital and Dividend gain) with low downside risk.






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