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At the Forbes Investors Advisory Institute in New York, we have a special stockpicking weapon off-limits to everyone but the select few: our time-tested "Quant Model" system. This system for quantitative analysis of stocks is so accurate and powerful that it outperformed the S&P 500 by a staggering 362% over a ten-year period.

The Quant Model rigorously analyzes 70 separate variables...ranging from price momentum to earnings growth...the Quant Model generated quick gains on individual stocks of 43.5%, 61.19%, 72.69%, and 122.84% and higher.

We will never reveal the algorithms used in the Quant Model to any financial institution, at any price. And you won't find it in the pages of Forbes magazine.

The fruits of the development of the Quant Model can only be found in ONE place: the pages of Forbes Growth Investor. This is the ONLY place where Forbes Investors Advisory Institute President Wallace Forbes has sanctioned the publication of the Quant Model’s picks.

What is the Forbes Investors Advisory Institute? Much like the famed Lockheed Martin “Skunk Works” special military projects unit that developed the incredible Stealth fighter, the analysts at the FIAI, led by Chartered Financial Analyst and Ph.D. Vahan Janjigian, burn the midnight oil trying to develop the ultimate stock picking strategies to outsmart and out maneuver Wall Street. The Money Show Digest recognized Vahan as the "Top Stock Picker" of 2003.

In each issue of Forbes Growth Investor, Vahan and his team put the Quant Model to use to screen and analyze more than 3,000 target stocks...and identify the 50 best growth stocks to own now.

Since we launched the Forbes Growth Investor in 2000, the FGI Top 50 Stocks have generated a +100.71% gain through February 28, 2007. The best-performing major index during the same period is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is up a measly +15.75%. As for the S&P 500; it's basically flat - down -0.14%, to be exact. And the NASDAQ Composite is down a whopping -28.13%.

Examples of stocks that were recommended and closed out include:

Wesco International, up 267%
Allegheny Technologies, up 166%
Green Mountain Coffee, up 161%
Investment Technology Group, up 124%
Nvidia, up 108%
Burlington Northern, up 144%
Praxair, up 67%
Bank of America, up 30%
Coventry Health Care, up 94%
Fisher Scientific, up 107%

Why have Vahan's FGI Top 50 Stocks done so well since we started the Forbes Growth Investor, even as the S&P 500 collapsed?

Because Vahan was tasked by Wallace Forbes to create a system using the Quant Model that would consistently outperform the major indices...whether the market is bull or bear, up or down. And he has succeeded beyond our wildest expectations!

Under Vahan Janjigian's direction, the Forbes Growth Investor has produced handsome gains using a Quant Model-based momentum investing methodology -- combined with sophisticated and rigorous fundamental analysis -- consistently outperforming the major indices for over 6 consecutive years.

Vahan can do that because unlike advisories that are limited to a single industry, such as semiconductors or biotechnology, Forbes Growth Investor tracks stocks in 8 separate sectors: materials, consumer cyclicals, non-cyclicals, energy, finance, industrials, technology, and utilities.

So when a sector takes a downturn, Vahan simply weights his picks to "hot" industries...which has enabled him to handily beat the market whether it is rising or falling.

We have been publishing Forbes magazine for almost 90 years. We know our readers, and we know how they invest. That’s why, at the Forbes Investors Advisory Institute, we wanted to make our momentum-based investment strategy accessible to all of our fellow investors, even the most risk-averse.

That's why, in each issue of Forbes Growth Investor, there is something for every type of investor. Our Conservative Growth portfolio is comprised of stocks all with a beta under 1. And for the classic growth investors out there, Vahan has developed an Aggressive Growth model portfolio made up of stocks with a beta of over 1. Or you can simply choose to follow FGI’s Top 50 Stocks list.

With your subscription, you will receive:

Monthly Issues of Forbes Growth Investor containing:

  • Vahan's market commentary
  • Detailed research reports on new additions to the Top 50 FGI Stocks portfolio
  • Updated on previous recommendations
  • Updated list of the Top 50 FGI Stocks portfolio
  • Our two risk-based portfolios - Conservative Growth and Aggressive Growth

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  Meet our Forbes Guru: Vahan Janjigian

Vahan Janjigian is Vice President and Executive Director of Forbes Investors Advisory Institute. He is the host of MoneyMasters with Vahan Janjigian on the Video Network, co-author and editor of the Forbes Stock Market Course and editor of the Forbes Growth Investor and Forbes Special Situation Survey investment newsletters. According to an independent rating agency, which began tracking Vahan's stock picks in January 2002, he has significantly outperformed all major benchmarks.

A frequent speaker on matters of economic and investment analysis, he has made numerous presentations to retail investors and professional money managers on various topics including capital market theory, portfolio management, fundamental analysis, and quantitative analysis. He sometimes serves as an expert witness on issues involving portfolio management, churning, and suitability.

Vahan holds a B.S. degree in General Science from Villanova University, M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Finance from Virginia Tech, and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He previously served on the finance faculties of several academic institutions, and his research has been published in numerous scholarly journals.

Vahan's writings have also appeared in Forbes magazine and He appears frequently as a commentator on many major radio and television networks including ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News and the BBC. He has also been quoted in Barron's, The Boston Globe, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.






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