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  Meet our Forbes Guru: Josh Wolfe

Josh Wolfe is co-founder and managing partner of Lux Capital, a venture firm focused on investing in nanotechnology. He is also the author of the groundbreaking “Nanotech Report,” a 270 page study of this new industry sold to institutional investors for nearly $5,000. Wolfe is a respected leader of the nanotechnology community; a Senior Associate of the Foresight Institute for Nanotechnology and Co-Founder of the NanoBusiness Alliance.

Molecular computing, DNA programming, self assembly of semiconductors, biomedicine. Some are calling it the next big wave in technology. Indeed, many leading companies are setting their sights on nanotechnology as billions of dollars in public and private investment flow into the sector. The trend offers investors big opportunities because this new science will affect almost every industry, from healthcare and biotechnology to consumer electronics and semiconductors.

Each Forbes/Wolfe Emerging Tech Report runs feature stories that explain and evaluate new technologies. You get coverage of large companies like IBM and in the letter’s Companies to Watch section you will read reports on little known private firms ready to make their mark in this exciting field. Follow the Money highlights the companies that are receiving venture capital and government funding for research and development. You also get Wolfe’s select list of key public technology companies, complete with stock information and company updates.






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