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With Dow Theory Forecasts on your side, you never again have to feel lost, overwhelmed or outsmarted. Dow Theory Forecasts will guide you through the maze of decisions you face every day about your investments, savings plans, mutual funds and other money matters.

Let the "financial bodyguards" at Dow Theory Forecasts help you take control of your financial future and give you all the protection you need in these tumultuous times.

Dow Theory Forecasts is an advisory newsletter published by a group led by Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) whose job is to give you the straight answers no one else will. Unlike bankers, brokers and sales reps, these "financial bodyguards" have nothing else to gain from the advice they give every week. They simply give advice, advice that's best for their subscribers. Their only interest is serving your best interest.

From Arthur Levitt, former Chairman
Securities & Exchange Commission

"Dow Theory Forecasts, published since 1946, and offering consistently good advice
in both bull and bear markets, a true test of a newsletter's worth."

-Arthur Levitt, Take on the Street, p. 85 (Pantheon Books).

Credibility... Consistency... Performance...
Isn't that what you deserve from your investment advisor?

From its launch in 1946 to today, Dow Theory Forecasts has consistently given investor the right answer to the question "what do I do now?" The DTF Focus List is one of the rare newsletter portfolios to beat the market: It's up 271.9% from December 1994 (when it started) through December 22, 2006. During the same period, the benchmark Wilshire 5000 Index gained 213.2%.

Each investor has a different objective so we provide several portfolios- to meet all subscribers' needs. The Focus List contains a collection of our favorite ideas from 12-month gains but is not a fully diversified portfolio. So we also maintain the Buy List, a fairly diversified portfolio of our top 12-month picks. And a portfolio of Long Term Buys highlights the investment-grade stocks we expect to beat the market over the next 24 to 48 months- it is an attractive portfolio of high-quality stocks that can be held for the longer term.

The Newsletter with a 60-Year Pedigree

Dow Theory Forecasts has been published every week for the last 60 years, and for over the last 25 years - when the industry watchdog, Hulbert Financial Digest, began tracking performance of investment newsletters - it is top-ranked among newsletters recommending a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds and no commodities.

What’s our secret? The depth of our research team and the power of our proprietary Quadrix® stock selection system. Quadrix uses its incredible computing power to sift through its enormous database to finds stocks characterized by compelling growth, strong value and solid momentum.

For example, if you had bought 10,000 shares of McGraw-Hill when Dow Theory Forecasts first recommended the stock in April 1974, your original investment of $10,900 would have grown to an incredible $775,000. That's a 7,010% gain over 30 years - and a profit of more than three quarters of a million dollars ... enough for some folks to retire on!

FREE BONUS: Ten Top Stocks for Current Income

Now the financial bodyguards at Dow Theory Forecasts have announced the publication of their latest Confidential Stock Report, Ten Top Stocks for Current Income. And it's yours FREE when you subscribe to Dow Theory Forecasts

With your subscription, you'll receive:

  • Weekly issues of Dow Theory Forecasts
  • Twice-weekly alerts via email, telephone and on our website.
  • The best stocks from the Quadrix stock-rating system
  • The Focus List -- Dow Theory Forecasts editor Richard Moroney's top picks for capital gains over the next 12 months
  • Monitored List -- All of the roughly 150 stocks monitored by Dow Theory Forecasts listed by industry group.
  • Stock Watch -- Reports on stock splits, dividend hikes, acquisitions, mergers, streamlinings, new products, industry updates, lawsuits, and other important information
  • Market Commentary -- Current analysis of the market via Richard's interpretation of the Dow Theory.
  • Analysts' Choice -- Richard Moroney and his team of analysts provide more detail on a stock they find particularly attractive each week
  • Mutual Fund Coverage -- Each month you'll receive coverage on Mutual Funds. Two fund portfolios -- the Growth Portfolio and the Conservative Portfolio -- are recommended and tracked so investors can properly diversify

  • FIVE MORE FREE BONUS Special Reports:
    1. "20 Major Stocks Selling Below Book Value- A Bargain Hunter's Shopping List"
    2. "10 Potential Takeover Stock Candidates; Several under $25"
    3. "Quadrix Stock-Rating System Uncovers Top Stock Picks"
    4. "30 Stock-Split Candidates"
    5. "Advice on 22 Glamour Stocks"
    6. Subscriber User Guide -- Explains how to use the wealth of information and tools available on our subscriber-only website.



  Meet our Forbes Guru: Richard Moroney

Richard Moroney is the Editor of Upside and Dow Theory Forecasts. Mr. Moroney, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), holds an undergraduate degree in journalism and economics from Northwestern University (1989) and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Fittingly called “An Intellectual Heir to Charles Dow” by the press, his peers and those he has helped, Mr. Moroney is sought out for his accurate forecasts on the market and specific stocks by major news organizations and business groups.

He has appeared on CNN and CNBC, Sky Radio and is often quoted in such major publications as Barron’s, Investor’s Business Daily, SmartMoney, BusinessWeek, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and the Chicago Sun Times.

Dow Theory Forecasts has offered time-tested stock market advice for over 57 years. One of the few newsletters that has been in the top five Hulbert Financial Digest performance ratings for over 20 years. Using the proprietary Quadrix Stock-Rating System to screen nearly 4,200 stocks, the Focus List offers low-risk stock picks in up and down markets alike. Weekly commentary keeps investors abreast of factors affecting the stock market and clearly advises when to buy, hold or sell.

Richard got a very pleasant surprise when he applied his time-tested, money-making Quadrix Stock-Rating system to small and midcap stocks. The stocks he uncovered moved up much farther and much faster than blue chips! The results were so compelling that he immediately launched Upside, a monthly newsletter to supercharge your total return on investment.





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