CoolMaps  World EPS Vector Collection

CoolMaps World EPS Vector Collection


COOLMAPS® is published on a hybrid format for Windows or Macintosh computers. Volume 1.1 Vector images can be opened by any software package that can imports EPS format files;Volume 1.1 World Views Vector collection of 250 EPS images can be cataloged by design style as follows: Bulge 10; Curve 29; Flat 5; Globe 24; Perspective 54; Sketch 7; Swirl 17; Undulate 28; Vortex 15; Warp 34; Wave 27;Volume 1.1 Vector high resolution images are supplied in EPS Illustrator 6.0 format, and range from 0.5 to 2.5 Mbytes file size with a number of layers that allow customization using Adobe Illustrator.