Power PPT Map of World - Political style

Power PPT Map of World - Political style



Mountain High PowerPoint Maps make presentations easier and more effective!

Each Mountain High PowerPoint Maps features a high quality collection of editable world, country and state geopolitical PPT maps. Each map is provided with a set of layered and editable features and names, including a distinctive colored political background. Each map can be easily and quickly loaded into PowerPoint for the highest quality geographical presentation.


The coverage of the Mountain High PowerPoint Maps map series covers the most frequently requested series of maps. The collection covers World, North American, European and US States.

Layers and selectivity

The PowerPoint Maps are presented in a number of layers offering a high degree of customization. The layers provides the ability to switch on or off selective features within each map, mix and match any combination, and edit color and line thicknesses as desired. Layers are available for:

* Background shaded relief texture political style.
* Individual country borders, or if applicable, state boundaries in red outline
* Country names in black
* Coastlines for oceans, seas and for lakes & inland water areas in dark blue
* Hydrography - river and tributary systems in dark blue
* Ocean, sea and lakes light blue fill color
* Detailed instructions on how to use the maps and incorporate them into your presentation
* License agreement is provided at the end of each set of maps

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