USA State EPS Maps - Florida

USA State EPS Maps - Florida


USARelief EPS maps make map-making easier and more affordable than ever

General description

USARelief vector maps of the US States is a collection of very highly detailed and editable EPS vector maps covering the entire Continental USA on a state by state basis. These maps features coastlines, rivers, interstate and major road systems, railroads, counties, state and international borders, town locations, town names text, latitude and longitude grids. These individual EPS maps can be easily and quickly loaded into most desktop design, publishing, presentation, draw, paint, or image editing software applications for the highest quality geographical representation of any part of the USA. Applications such as Adobe Illustrator (prefered), Macromedia FreeHand or CorelDraw can edit line styles, width and color, switch on or off layers, add your own layers and customize map appearances in a multitude of ways. The maps can be imported directly into page layout or presentation applications such as Quark Xpress or Adobe PageMaker.


The collection includes vector maps for each of the 48 states within the entire continental United States and for the islands of Hawaii. These EPS maps are designed for use with the USARelief terrain JPEG image maps which correspond exactly to the vector maps and combined give a highly detailed colorized shaded relief texture map.

Layers and selectivity

Illustrator layers offer a high degree of selectability. The layers palette provides the ability to switch on or off selective features within each map. Layers are available for:
* Box Rule - outline box in 1 point around the map
* International and state borders and county lines on separate layers
* Coastlines and blue fills for lakes and inland water areas
* City and town locations, with names on a separate layer
* Graticules of latitude and longitude
* Hydrography - river and tributary systems, with names on a separate layer
* Major highways, interstate and toll roads on separate layers
* Railroads on a single layer
* Placed or Background Art, typically the relief image map layer used to place optional state relief maps

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