Puzzle Power 3.5

Puzzle Power 3.5



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  • Use our puzzle maker to make your own crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and 10 more types of puzzles, including Jigsaw Power and Sudoku 600
  • Includes the complete version 3.1 of Crossword Creator with the ability to print crossword puzzles or upload them to the Internet!
  • Software to make your own crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and more from your own word lists or quotes.
  • Make 11 different types of word puzzles. Have fun, make your own puzzles.
  • All word puzzles can have multimedia themes; show a video of a President and have a corresponding clue.
  • Includes Crossword Puzzles Dictionary with over 41,000 words and wild-card search.
  • Over 150 predesigned puzzles, many with multimedia themes, to solve or modify.
  • Selectable fonts, colors, sizes.
  • Supports all standard printers, or export to desktop publishing programs.
  • Make easy or hard word puzzles to fit any grade level or topic.

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Includes all these puzzle makers!
CROSSWORDSInstantly make crosswords up to 30 x 30 squares, plus you can put them on your web site if you like!
WORD SEARCHESMake 3 types of word search puzzles.
KRISS KROSSGreat for vocabulary practice & thinking ahead.
QUOTE FALLSLearn to recognize and remember quotations.
CRYPTOSMake Cryptograms and Cryptoquizzes.
ANAGRAMSA great teaching tool, make 'em easy or hard.
DOUBLE ANAGRAMSOne set of Anagrams leads to another - really fun with picture clues!
CROSS SUMSOne for the math teachers!
JIGSAW POWERMake your own jigsaws from any picture!
QUOTAGRAMSMake Quotagrams and Crostics puzzles!
SUDOKUInstantly make Sudoku puzzles and upload to the web!