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Accelrys Software

Academic Purchasing Requirements

Individuals who meet qualification guidelines are eligible to make online purchases of select Accelrys software products at academic pricing.

    An individual is eligible if they have the following status:
  • A full or part time student enrolled at an accredited higher education institution
  • A full or part time faculty or staff member employed by an accredited higher education institution

Academic Status Validation

For an individual to order Accelrys software at academic pricing, he or she must submit the order using an email address of the accredited institution. The email address will be verified based on domain names of current Accelrys customers. If your education institution has never purchased software from Accelrys, please contact sales at 1-800-799-5000 to set up an academic account.

Academic License Grant

If you have purchased an academic license to use the Software, the following restrictions apply to your use of the Software: Notwithstanding anything in the standard Accelrys End User License Agreement stated to the contrary, you may not use the Software for any commercial purposes of any nature. You may use the Software solely for your own academic use and academic research needs. “Academic use and academic research” means use and/or research that is not confidential or proprietary, and the results of which may be published immediately in the public domain without restriction. If you want to use the Software for commercial purposes, or want to maintain the confidentiality of the results, either on your own behalf or on behalf of a third party, you must purchase a commercial license to use the Software.